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My name is Callie Bertsch and I am running as a write-in candidate for the Rhinelander School Board. I was raised in Antigo, WI and attended college at both John Brown University (Private Christian University in Arkansas), where I received my BS in Intercultural Studies and Biology, and Michigan Technological University, where I received a MS in Forest Ecology & Management. I also spent a year in Bulgaria through the Peace Corps whole receiving my MS, an experience that expanded my horizons.

I think what is important for me is the people along my career path who encouraged, supported, and never doubted my abilities. Also I follow the Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz: 1. Be true to my word. 2. Don't make assumptions. 3. Don't take things personally. 4. Always do my best. I will take these Four Agreements and apply them to the work I will do as a school board member.

As a mom now raising a son who has Down Syndrome, it's important to instill the same qualities in him and others so that all people feel included and are empowered to do their best work.


Thank You,


Callie Bertsch

Callie Bertsch

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